Journal of Australasian Mining History

Volume 1

September 2003



Depression and Surviving: Gold Mining at Kalgoorlie from World War 1 to 1931

Presenting Mining’s Past in the Northern Territory

MEL DAVIES     31-50
The South Australian Mining Association: An Early Australian Cost-book Company

CHARLIE FOX     51-78
Work and Welfare at Mt Lyell 1913 — 1923

PHILIP HART     79-94
Maori and Mining: A Case Study of Hone Werahiko and Te Aroha

BARRY MCGOWAN     95-109
The Working Miners of Southern New South Wales: Adaptability, Class and Identity

KEN MCQUEEN     110-120
Difficulties with Refractory Ores: History of the Tolwong Mines, Shoalhaven Gorge, NSW

The Early Copper Mining Industry in Central Queensland, 1863-1879 — History and Place

JUSTINE THORP     144-158
The Curious Case of the Disappearing Gold Mining Town: The Cultural Landscape of the Clohesy River Gold Field, North Queensland

JAN WEGNER     159-168
Underground Gold Prospecting Techniques in Late 19th Century — Early 20th Century North Queensland


RICHARD G. HARTLEY     169-178
Western Australian Gold Smelters in the 1900s

BRIAN R. HILL     179-187
Dredging in New Zealand

TIMOTHY JONES     188-198
Ping Que — Mining Magnate of the Northern Territory

ALAN LOUGHEED     199-215
Europe and Western Australian Gold mining: 1885-1914

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